Firefox Extensions

Note: This page is very out of date (over four years, actually). I hardly use any of these anymore, especially considering I've been primarily using Safari for nearly four years now.

What I currently am using:

Adblock Block annoying ads
AspellFox Aspell extension for spell checking within Firefox
ColorZilla Find out the value of a particular color on a webpage
DOM Inspector Inspect the DOM of HTML, XUL, and XML pages, including the browser chrome
EditCSS Stylesheet modifier in the sidebar
English (GB) Language Pack Maybe I was raised on the wrong side of the pond...
Firesomething Randomly changes the name of the browser in the window title. (It's an old joke for those that have been using Firefox in one of its various development names.)
FLST When you close a tab, focus is restored to the most recently viewed tab
FoxyTunes Controls your music player of choice
HTML Validator Automatically see the Tidy-produced errors on all pages (great for website design)
LastTab Adds more control to tab use
Mozilla Calendar Calendar for Firefox and Thunderbird
Nightly Tester Tools Make old extensions "compatible", among other things that are caused by version number problems
Resizable Textarea Resize textareas to the size you want
SessionSaver Restores all the settings of Firefox when last closed, especially open tabs
TinyURL Creator Copy a link to your clipboard. Works with X-pasting too
Web Developer Menu and toolbar with website developer tools

NOTE: An extension labled in Bold Italic Text is one I consider "essential" and get annoyed when I don't have them.

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