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Mutt (the e-mail client)

Sometimes I feel like being a renegade and not using Apple Mail. Usually this happens when I'm trying to send mail as one of my many e-mail aliases. Sometimes Mail just bugs me. I used Mutt before I even tried OS X and I still like it. It's an ncurses-based e-mail client, with the best threading support I've ever experienced. So, it's what I use when feeling like a renegade.

There's a lot out there about building mutt on OS X. I've used a lot of that advice. Here's a collection of things that I didn't find elsewhere, in the hope that it may be useful for somebody else.


lbdb (Little Brother DataBase) can link mutt to your OS X Contacts. Unfortunately, it broke for a lot of people when upgrading to Snow Leopard (I think). Whenever Xcode 3.2 came out. I'm on Mountain Lion and it's definitely broken. Here's what I did to make it work. Disclaimer: I didn't test this on a clean build after I got it to work (I didn't feel like going through that much pain again), so it may be incomplete. Hopefully I captured the essence of the fix.

The problems:

  1. ABQuery was build using an old xcode project format, it no longer works on xcode >=3.2
  2. It was also build using Jam, which was removed in xcode 3.2

Start with lbdb_0.38.tar.gz (available from Untar it.
cd lbdb-0.38

  1. run './configure' and 'make' as normal until it errors out
  2. upgrade ABQuery/ABQuery.pbproj to ABQuery/ABQuery.xcodeproj
  3. upgrade targets (solves Jam problem): Project > Upgrade All Targets in Project to Native
  4. build project in xcode (should be no errors, only warnings)
  5. run 'make' again
  6. run 'sudo make install'
  7. copy ABQuery/build/Development/ABQuery to /usr/local/lib/lbdb/ABQuery

Might have to modify the to replace "buildstyle" with "configuration" (see

I also modified ABQuery/ to force EXE=ABQuery/build/Development/ABQuery and removed the extra $ to make cp $EXE ABQuery/sym
This made errors go away, but I still had to manually copy the file after running 'make install'. Might just have to do with the order of operations being rather eratic.

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