Memorial Day Camping 2008


One slight change is that Stuart starts his new job Friday morning, so we won't be able to leave town as early as planned. He'll be getting off work at 5, then driving into Corvallis. Expect to be picked up at 5:20 or so. Probably Azalea first, then over to Varsity.

We will return on midday Sunday.



Fruit list

What fruit will you bring to share?

  • Joy: Grapes
  • Eric: Mangos (for a meal, not for hiking/snacks ... may be messy, but that's what a wet hand-towel is for)
  • Stuart: Bananas
  • Erin: Apples



Everyone is invited to come to Azalea for Oriental Chicken Salad Dinner TONIGHT!. Dinner is put out at 4:30; you can come anytime between 4:30pm and when we leave. As Eric pointed out, it might be wise to eat something before we shove off for the wild ;-)
  • Friday
    • Dinner
      • Chili (from VH)
      • Crackers (Joy)
      • Cheese (Stuart)
      • Smores (Joy)
  • Saturday
    • Breakfast
      • Eggs (Stuart)
      • Bacon (Eric)
      • Fruit (everybody bring some, see above section)
      • Bagels (Eric)
    • Lunch
      • Sandwiches [bread, meat, lettuce, etc] (Erin)
      • Fruit (everybody bring some, see above section)
    • Dinner
      • Angel Hair Pasta (Ted)
      • Sauce (Joy)
  • Sunday
    • Breakfast
      • Oatmeal (Eric)
      • Brown Sugar (Stuart)
      • Raisins (Stuart)
      • Powdered Milk (Stuart)
  • Snacks
    • Trail Mix (Eric)
    • Fruit (everybody bring some, see above section)
  • Drinks
    • Orange Juice (Eric)
    • Hot Cider (Stuart)
    • Tea (Stuart)


  • Tents - Some combination of the below. After Eric borrows the last one on the list tomorrow morning, he'll set up both 4-man tents and pick the better one (smaller or sturdier). Then the men can have the big tent and the ladies the small tent.
    • Stuart's one-man
    • 4-person from Chateau Geek (duct-taped pole)
    • 2-person from Erin Mc
    • 4-person from Roderick's (borrow Friday morning)
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Pots (Stuart)
  • Chairs (Joy has 2, Stuart has 3)
  • Big Spoon (Stuart)
  • Cheese Cutter (Stuart)
  • Knife (Stuart)
  • Smore Coat Hangers (Joy)
  • Dish Set [4-person] (Joy) + Stuart's individual kit
  • Sandwich baggies (Eric)
  • Tea Kettle
    • I think if we bring a ladle for the water, we can use the pot; this is what I've done before - emsearcy.
    • I went ahead and borrowed a camping teapot from Jason. (Stuart)
  • Ladle (Eric - VH)
  • Bus Tubs (Joy)
  • Sponge and Dish Detergent (Stuart)
  • Frying Pan (Eric)
  • Nylon Rope (Eric)
  • Water Jug (Stuart)
  • Toilet Paper and Trowel [for hiking] (Stuart)
  • Stove (Stuart)
  • Newspaper (Ted)
  • Hatchet (Stuart)
  • Cooler (Stuart) (Joy has an insulated picnic basket about 1'x1'x1.5')
  • Blue Ice Packs (Joy has 3)
  • Tongs (Stuart)
  • Hot Pads (Stuart)
  • First Aid Kit (Stuart)
  • Propane Lantern (Stuart)

For a list of personal items to bring, you can use backpacking checklist. Of course, not all things will apply, but most will. It's probably safe to skip most of the winter clothing items. Boots and raingear are important though.

Feel free to ask for clarification. :-) We will be packing everything and everyone into and on top of my car, so please try to keep your personal gear sorta compact so we can keep all of us inside the car.


When Stuart drove over the pass this weekend, it looked like all campgrounds were open for the season as far as House Rock, our intended destination. Lost Prairie was closed and still buried under snow. Stuart will call the Sweet Home ranger station today to double check and to get a better idea of availability. Stuart verified this Thursday, but the ranger wasn't sure about availability due to the funky weather forecast. emsearcy: yeah, but rain builds character.

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