Initial Concept

Noise Cancelling Headphones - Initial Concept

Group Information

Group name: Noise--

Contact Information
NameE-mail addressPhone
Stuart McKimmckims at engr dot oregonstate dot edu541.738.8159
Jon Provancheprovancj at engr dot orst dot edu503.290.4179
Crystal Guptaguptac at onid dot orst dot edu503.332.2287
Bangda Yangyangba at onid dot orst dot edu503.810.5731

General Description

We will build a set of noise-reducing headphones that can be both portable and powered by AC power. The amount of noise-cancelling will be adjustable to allow for fine tuning based on the user's surroundings at time of use. The electronics will be housed in an enclosure that is separate from the headphones so that the headphones can also be used without the noise-cancelling unit attached.



  • works both with and without music playing
  • AC and battery powered
  • $100 maximum cost for prototype and test units
  • maximum limit of cancelling intensity to prevent hearing damage
  • maximum enclosure size 5x7x3 inches
  • maximum headphone weight: 500g


  • Total cost under $50
  • Enclosure size 5x5x3 inches


  • 4 team members x 7 hours per week x 6 weeks = 168 man hours
  • $25 per team member = $100 total
  • Tekbot charger board
  • Extra cable for microphones (Stuart)
  • Headphones (possible)



Bangda Yang

Jon Provancher

Crystal Gupta

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